10 Healthy Snack Options to Enjoy with Crystal Geyser® Sparkling Water

A healthy diet is one that is diverse and nutritious. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be hard to coordinate when you’re constantly on-the-go. Sometimes, we’re better off keeping our big meals simple so we’re not as tempted to get in line at the local fast-food drive-thru. Luckily, healthy snacking coupled with frequent hydration can curb… Read more »

Pacific Forest Trust announces Springs for Life™ – ForestWater Alliance™ initiative

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 16, 2019 Contact: Jason Gohlke, Pacific Forest Trust, 415-561-0700 ext. 17, pftnews@pacificforest.org Consumer Services at Crystal Geyser Water Company, 800-443-9737, cgwconsumers@crystalgeyser.com Pacific Forest Trust is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative, Springs for Life™ – ForestWater Alliance™ — with Crystal Geyser Water Company as its founding partner. Together,… Read more »

Crystal Geyser Featured in California Business Journal

We are excited to share this article published in the California Business Journal featuring an interview with our EVP of Marketing and Innovation, Judy Yee. The article highlights 40 years of our company’s commitment to quality in the beverage industry.

Grateful on Giving Tuesday

Grateful: adj. – feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful This seems to be the most fitting definition for how we, at Crystal Geyser, feel this time of year: full of appreciation for the overwhelming kindness we have received and experienced. We want to take the opportunity to recognize the people and places around… Read more »

Ginger Lime Fizz Recipe – Great for Entertaining!

In the mood for a fizzy treat? With a light lime flavor balancing out the subtle spiciness of the ginger, this drink is the perfect sparkling refreshment at your next party or family dinner! If you’re looking to spice up your drink even more, feel free to add your favorite spirit to create a Sparkling… Read more »

Pomegranate Party Punch Recipe – Get Ready to Celebrate!

Add a punch of flavor to your next celebration with this fruity beverage! The tart taste of pomegranate marries well with the sweet citrus of the oranges to create the perfect mix of sweet and sour. For special occasions like a birthday brunch, add champagne and enjoy a fun new twist on the classic Mimosa…. Read more »

Commemorating Our 40th with a Classic Glass Bottle!

This summer marks 40 years in business for Crystal Geyser® Water Company. It’s a legacy we’re very proud of. So, to celebrate this major milestone, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with this commemorative classic glass I liter bottle of Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. Notice anything else different? That’s right. These glass bottles are… Read more »

The Big Game Punch!

Whichever team you’re rooting for this weekend, you’ll score points with this delicious Punch. Ingredients 3 cups pineapple juice 3 + 1/4 cups cranberry juice 3 cups lemonade 3 bottles of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Orange berries or pineapple for garnish Directions Pour all the ingredients in a large punch bowl and stir gently. Score extra… Read more »

Spouses Day Recipe

Relax – this is a non-gift giving day! Just take a moment to express gratitude for your spouse. After you share a thought or two on what you are thankful for, toast each other with this refreshing Grapefruit Ginger Zinger. Citrus is delicious and in season so enjoy! Grapefruit Ginger Zinger (makes 1 serving) 2… Read more »

Orange Ginger Mimocktail

If you’re planning to party hard on New Year’s Eve, or if ringing in the New Year with family is more your speed, you may want to forego alcohol on January 1st. Try this tasty recipe to refresh, rehydrate and rejoice. It’s sure to be your new favorite brunch beverage.  Ingredients Ice (optional) 6 oz… Read more »