Healthy Hydration

Sparkling water in glass

The human body is comprised of about 60% water. Throughout the day, we lose water through perspiration, respiration, and elimination. To function optimally, we need to stay hydrated. But how much water is enough and can you get water from other sources? Conventional wisdom states that adults should consume eight glasses of water a day… Read more »


A “berry” delicious way to beat the heat!

Berries are packed with all kinds of goodness. A beautiful and delicious part of summer, berries are also great sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We think this recipe is “berry” delicious and hope you do too! Sparkling Berry Blend: 1 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries 1 tsp lemon juice Honey (to taste) 1… Read more »


Vacation from Sugar in 6 Easy Steps

Summer is vacation time. Whether your vacation consists of travel to ancient ruins, swinging on a hammock, or lazing about on your couch, vacation is a time to break away from the everyday and give your mind, body and soul a breather. This summer, try taking a vacation from sugar. As Americans, we consume far… Read more »


9 Simple Summer Activities

Summer is here and it‘s time to get outside, have some fun, and make some memories! No need for expensive and elaborate vacation plans. Check out this list of 9 simple Summer activities to do with friends and family to make your summer unforgettable without the fuss!   1. Check out your local County Fair… Read more »


Celebrate Your Grad with These 5 Finger Foods!

Grad Celebration Finger Foods

It’s Graduation Season! Millions of students across the country are walking across the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas. Whether your grad is off to college or off to conquer the world, celebrate their accomplishments and toast their future with these fun and delicious recipes and DIY decorations! Simplify your table with finger foods and… Read more »


Choose Your Mood

Every day we make choices. Getting up in the morning is fraught with them: what to wear to work or school, what to eat for breakfast, and what to eat or make for lunch. Before you leave your front door and throughout your day, choices abound. Choices are a good thing. As long as you… Read more »