Pomegranate Blackberry Muddle

Football season is in full swing! Try this refresher when watching your favorite team.  Do you have more fun watching others watch the game?  Whether you’re an armchair quarterback or just there for the appetizers, this mocktail is sure to score some points. Pomegranate Blackberry Muddle (makes 2 servings) Ingredients 1 18oz-bottle of Natural Orange… Read more »

Red & Blueberry Election Day Sparkler

Election Day is finally here!  The 2016 Presidential Election is one that will leave a unique mark in history, regardless of the outcome.  The campaign alone will be studied by political scholars for years to come. Whether at the national, state, or local level, your voice and your choices on candidates and issues can have… Read more »

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

Happy Friday! This delicious and refreshing Strawberry Mojito really hits the spot, with or without rum! Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups (12 ounces) Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water in Original, Lime or Mixed Berry 5 strawberries 2 limes 4 mint leaves ice   Instructions: Slice the strawberries and muddle some slices with the mint leaves in a… Read more »

Better with Bubbles Contest

We believe everything is better with bubbles. Whether you’re sitting on the beach soaking up some rays, chatting with good friends or taking a break from work or school, bubbles make it better. Now through October 10th, we want to hear from you! Tag a friend or family member in a comment and share your… Read more »

Olympian Salad

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games is always a sight to see. The world’s nations are represented in the hopeful faces of the best athletes from each country and in the colorful flags that capture the stories of their people. The hard work and dedication of the athletes is an inspiration to children and… Read more »

Summertime is Grill Time!

Summer is just around the corner. The long days beckon us to the outdoors which becomes our living space…where we entertain friends and family, sip  cocktails at the end of the day, and where we cook and dine. Nothing says summer like grilled foods. Whether it’s barbecued ribs, grilled vegetables, or a sweet dessert, grilling… Read more »

Simply Delicious Asparagus Recipe

Summertime is our favorite time of year around here. And not just because it’s the best time to enjoy a cold, refreshing bottle of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water, although, we recommend that you do. With summer comes a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables. Dark, plump blackberries; sweet, tart raspberries; juicy, aromatic peaches; sweet tasting… Read more »

Welcome to the Bubble Blog!

Your source for recipes, tips, inspiration, and tricks to leading the bubble life! What is the bubble life, you ask? It’s an attitude, a feeling, an approach to life! It’s expressed in the actions we take to make life a little more refreshing. We all know drinking water is important, but sometimes we all need… Read more »

Make it your own/ Try something new

Tired of your daily routine, especially when it comes to what you drink?  Mix it up by adding some fresh ingredients to your already yummy sparkling water.  Check out some of the many recipes on our Pinterest boards to add some sparkle to your glass. Berries aren’t just for snacking; they can make a refreshing… Read more »